Children Peace Building Program

We actively involve children in a series of inter-community peace activities that build friendships for peace. On average, CPI Kenya engages over 1,200 children per year. Our children peace building program involves a sequence of activities that bridge the gaps between communities by initially targeting children and subsequently influencing parents, elders, and warriors.

Children Peace Camp

This first step in the program brings together 300 children from two tribes over the course of a 5-day Peace Camp, which involves teamwork exercises, value-based games, confidence building activities, exchanges of cultural practices, and dialogues on peace. The camps are geared towards helping children alter negative attitudes, rethink preconceived notions, learn to respect diversity, and become friends for the sake of peace.

Friends for Peace

At the conclusion of Peace Camp, two children from neighboring ethnic groups are paired to become “Friends for Peace.” After the camp, the friends continue to build their relationship by writing letters, calling each other on their parent’s mobile phones, and exchanging gifts.

Holiday Exchange Program

This inter-community interaction for peace takes place during the school holidays. Children from neighboring ethnic communities visit each other and interact with their friend’s families and community members. Children learn about the culture of the neighboring community, thus developing cultural understanding and compassion. The friendships that were formed at Peace Camp are solidified during this week-long activity.


This activity takes the parents from the children who went to Peace Camp, and brings them to stay at the home of their child’s Friend for Peace. The families stay with each other for at least one weekend and show each other their way of life. The friendship which started with the children expands to the parents, and then even further into the community writ large.

Inter-Community Children Peace Concert

This activity is an inter-community celebration of their tribal culture and heritage. The children from different communities present songs, poems and skits on the themes of peace and conflict, creating awareness on how conflict affects them and the need for peace. It also teaches the children about the ways of other tribes, and shows them how there is strength not just in their similarities, but in their differences too.

Heifers for Peace

If the children and families successfully complete the above activities and maintain their friendship and peace between their two communities for two years, they are eligible to receive a shared “Heifer for Peace”. Please visit our Heifers for Peace page here to learn more about this program.